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Who's behind Startup IT?

About Us

Involved with Technology Since the 90’s

I bought my first computer in 1993, which was a 486SX/33.  I saved my pennies from various work to buy my first upgrade, which was an additional 4MB of RAM – doubling the current system to 8MB!  The next upgrade was a math-coprocessor bringing the specs of the machine to a 486DX2/66.  From that moment on, I’ve tinkered with computers, operating systems, and many other emerging technologies. 


I went to technical school for Electronics Engineering Technology and learned more about electronics, how they work, and how to do (basic) troubleshooting.   


My career has seen me in roles such as Quality Assurance (Electronics), Technical Support, Quality Assurance (Software), Software Automation Developer, Business Relationship Manager, Business Manager, and most recently as the IT Manager for a local startup. 


In Sept 2022, Startup IT was formed to provided growing businesses fractional/part-time IT Management services.  I recognized that startups have great potential for building exciting things, however, it can be difficult to justify to have on staff full-time, with the necessary expertise, or experience, to help mature those various business capabilities while you continue building your product.      



Why choose Startup IT?

We will work with you to identify what your needs are.  If you don’t quite know what your needs are we will work with you to make sure we understand what the desired goal of enlisting our services are.

We’ll keep the language in a way that is clear, as technical as it needs to be (no jargon unless we’re all on the same page), and always check in to make sure that we are meeting expectations.

Remote or On-site, we can make it work!    

No pressure 'sales' tactics

Honest feedback in terms of costs, or potential savings

Short or Long Term Commitments

Experience in both business and service areas, providing you with both perspectives on a myriad of topics

Remote or On-site, we can make it work!

Have a question? Send us a message!

Serving the Greater Edmonton Area

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